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We live out of town but would love to find out more information on One Red Door Photography


Even for people who live in Cleveland, we still run into scheduling conflicts etc. So many of our couples don't have a ton of time, so even meeting halfway between where they live and Chagrin Falls is tough sometimes. As a result, we are constantly meeting with people over Facetime, Skype, Google Hangouts and many times just a simple phone call. Roughly 1 in 4 weddings that we shoot are for people that do not live in NEO. 

How do we go about booking?
Is there a deposit or retainer fee?


Generally, after every consultation with a couple, we follow up with links to full wedding galleries and a sample contract. This is to ensure all questions are answered and that the couple has an opportunity to look through a full gallery of photos. This way they can truly compare apples to apples. When it comes to a contract and booking, all we ask is for the retainer to be sent in and a contract to be signed digitally online. The retainer is 1/3 the total amount of the collection. 1/3 is due halfway between the date of the wedding and the booking, usually a default for this is 160 days. The final amount is due 7 days before the wedding. 

We are trying to decide on a photographer
but it is so hard! How do I choose?


We often say that what we do and how we do it isn't always the right fit for everybody. There are so many brides who just aren't into photography that much, or have pawned the wedding planning off to mom. There are even some brides who don't want to take any advice and just want things a certain way. These brides aren't who we usually work with. We love working with couples who are fun, want great photography, love working with a husband and wife team and at the end of the day, love the fact that they got to celebrate such an important day in their lives with the people they love. 

Planning Your Wedding Day

How many hours do you suggest we set aside for wedding day photos? 


Every couple's itinerary is unique to their needs. We like to categorize itineraries in two different ways - First Look and Ceremony Reveal. Most couples spend roughly an hour and a half to two hours of time for photography. This does not account for things like travel time and the amount of locations you may want to go to. Also, the size of the bridal party and other small details matter because it means more or less time with the couple or even the idea of gathering 22 people vs 10. 

What does "All Day Coverage" mean?


Generally speaking, our lead photographer will arrive with the bride and bridesmaids when the bride is getting ready, usually during whatever is second. This way, she is a little done up and the photographer isn't just waiting around for something to happen. During this time, the photographer is also taking photos of details like the dress, shoes and jewelry. In the instance of having a second photographer, that photographer will arrive when the guys are getting ready. Then, the team is with the bride and groom well into the night when all the dancing is happening and people are hanging out. Our goal is to get a photo of every single person at a reception. 

Can I get some help designing my Itinerary?


This is something we LOVE doing. Mainly because we have seen a million things that work really well and a million things that haven't. We really love it when our couples lean on our expertise and advice, always taking it with a grain of salt. Many times, a couple makes an itinerary and doesn't think about things like travel time, or even the location of  photos. There are so many tips and tricks we can offer to a couple to make sure everything is perfect the day of the wedding! We always tell people, the more work you put in before the wedding, the easier the day of the wedding is going to flow. 

Can we see a real wedding gallery?


Without a doubt! We actually encourage it! Often times its hard to choose a photographer because everyone posts the best of the best. The problem with that though is lack of context. What if a photographer doesn't post any photos from a reception where it is dark and not well lit. You will definitely want to make sure they can capture all of the fun happening and still light it well with flashes and strobes. What if detail shots are important to you but you see a full wedding gallery with none in it. Make sure you compare apples to apples. Look at a full gallery and make sure you get what you want in your choice of wedding photographer. 

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What is our style?


We have coined the phrase, Real Life. Photojournalistic is very cliche, since most of those claiming this style will only give you a limited amount of hours in your "package". Is photojournalism only part of your story or is it the whole thing? We have all day coverage for this exact reason. We want to capture what is really happening all around us all day long. Although we do help with making sure you look perfect in photos and we help with things like posing when it is appropriate, so much of what we capture is authentic, real life situations that create amazing photos.

Do you do engagement shoots?


Yes! We encourage every couple we meet with to take advantage of this opportunity. First and foremost, it is great practice! How often do people go out a get a professional photographer? Probably not very often. Many times when we are getting ready the morning of a wedding, we see photos printed all around a couples home from the engagement shoot. Its because other than our phones its not often you get print worthy photos of yourselves. Usually they last around 45 minutes to an hour and we like to make sure they are unique to you as a couple. We've done engagement shoots in all sorts of locations from the basement of a brewery to biking along Lake Erie and even shoots with a couples fur-baby. 

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Do I get the rights to print my images?


Yes. You have the right to print photos whenever you want. However, you may not sell your images for profit or publish your images in for instance a magazine without the written consent of One Red Door Photography. We provide a print release to every couple after they get their photos back because many printers will ask for this. One things of note on this is that you want to make sure when you get "rights to the photos" you are getting full resolution rights to the photos. Some photographers will up-charge you for the full resolution files. 

Does ORDP have insurance?


Yes. We carry a liability policy. There are even some venues that require your photographer to carry a liability policy. We also recommend every bride and groom get a wedding insurance policy through their insurance company or through a company like WedSafe. 

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5 Most Commonly Asked Questions

"Choosing Dustin & Melissa as our photographers for our wedding day was one of the BEST decisions we made throughout the wedding planning process."

kevin & sarah

"I cannot say enough amazing things about One Red Door Photography. Melissa and Dustin make an AMAZING team and I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to be our photographers on this special day."

eric & courtney

"They are both so fun and made wedding pictures a breeze. They helped everyone to feel comfortable and the pictures turned out even more amazing than we could have hoped for."

jack & ally